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A person may considered inadmissible to Canada on health grounds or Security reasons ,if the person is found inadmissible to enter in Canada, there are some provision through which person can overcome their Inadmissibility.

  1. Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) until permanently resolved.
  2. Record Suspension
  3. Individual Rehabilitation
  4. Deemed Rehabilitation( with the passage of time)

A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) may be requested as a solution when the appropriate passage of time has not elapsed to be eligible for deemed rehabilitation, individual rehabilitation or record suspension to overcome inadmissibility permanently. A Temporary Resident Permit is issued for the length of your stay in Canada (up to three years) and may be extended from inside Canada. In certain circumstances, the holder of a Temporary Resident Permit will be granted permanent resident status in Canada.

For more information about the procedures to overcome Inadmissibility contact our Firm.


A refusal for your immigration application can be devastating to your personal and family life. A negative decision could scatter your dream of living in Canada with your love ones.However, there are ways to refute a visa officer’s negative decision.You can always exercise your right to appeal. Appeals can be made in front the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB): The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada is Canada’s largest independent administrative tribunal. It is responsible for making well reasoned decisions on immigration and refugee matters in accordance with the Law. IRB consists of four tribunals.

  1. Refugee Protection Division:
  2. Refugee Appeal Division:
  3. Immigration Division:
  4. Immigration Appeal Division

If your application to sponsor your spouse, common law partner or other family member has been refused or you could lose your permanent residence status due to residency obligation then you have a right to appeal to the IAD(Immigration Appeal Division).

Sponsorship Appeals

Appeal against the visa officer’s negative decision on permanent residence application of a spouse or common law, parents, or adopted children application.

Removal Order Appeals

Appeal against the removal order decision made against permanent residents, protected persons, and permanent resident visas holders.

Residency Obligation Appeals

Appeals of permanent residents who have not fulfilled their residency obligation in Canada.

In sponsorship and most cases appellant has 30 days for appeal. However, 60 days period for residency appeals. Our professionals will represent you in various IRB tribunals. We can represent clients for refugee claims before the Refugee Protection Division, detention review and removal hearings before the Immigration Division. We will help you know what your rights are and your eligibility to appeal to challenging an unfair or unjust decision against you. You will want expert counsel who is also caring and compassionate to your personal circumstances.

For further information about right of appeals contact us.We will prepare your file and strongly fight for your rights.

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