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Every year thousands of students come to Canada to study in various schools and universities. Canada is known for its excellent educational institutions, top quality education programs in various streams and an innovative economy that welcomes international students with open hearts. Canada has also been ranked #1 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for its achievements in higher education.

Canada’s education is known for quality and excellence across the entire global education sector. Great importance is given to learning and maintaining high standards of imparting education here. What’s makes studying in Canada even more conducive is the lower living costs and work opportunities for international students. Canadian Academic Institutes have diversified study options available at various levels for students of different academic backgrounds. Furthermore, a number of Canadian institutions are involved in international research partnerships to study and address major world issues.

To be eligible to study in Canada

You must have been accepted by a designated learning institution in Canada. These are the institutions approved by citizenship and immigration Canada to accept international students. Once you have a letter of acceptance then you need to get study permit, which is a document you require to stay in Canada during your study.

In some cases, you do not require a study permit to go to school in Canada.

  • Short-term course or program (6 months or less)
  • Members of foreign armed forces of a country designated for the purposes of the visiting Forces Act.
  • Family members and members of the private staff Foreign representative/Diplomats.

Other then that in most cases the prospective students wishing to study in Canada need a study permit based on their particular criteria.

A foreign national may apply for study permits as following:

  • Before entry: Most international students will require to apply for Study Permit before entering in Canada.
  • On entry: there are some situations where students can apply for study permit upon entry in Canada,
    • Citizen or a permanent residents of United States, Greenland, St. Pierre and Miquelon.
    • A person who has been legally admitted to United States for Permanent Residence.
    • If person has approved for study permit before entering Canada in writing but permit still not issued.
  • After Entry in Canada: These Foreign national can apply for study permit while in Canada
    • Study permit holder and their family members.
    • work permit holders and their family members.
    • Family members of an officer of foreign Government.
    • A participant in sports activities, an employee of foreign News company.

It is important to make sure that when you are choosing courses in Canada that have relevant to your past. RCIC will be looking to see that your study plan is consistent with your past education. RCIC will also want to see that you are able to financially support yourself during your studies. You can include proof of financial support from your parents that you have the required funds to support your studies. For more information about study permit and various regulations contact our Firm

Work during/after Study:

Full-time post-secondary students may work without a work permit on the campus of the university or college at which they are a full-time student.

Students can work off campus in Canada while they are here as a student. This may require a Work Permit depending upon your criteria:

  • You have a valid study permit
  • You are enrolled in an academic program of at least six months in duration.
  • You are a full-time student, studying at a designated learning institute.
  • You can work up to 20 hours per week during your academic sessions and work full time during your scheduled breaks.

Work after study

After your graduation from your program you can apply for post graduation work permit and can apply for permanent residency on the bases of your study and work in Canada.

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