Fargo Immigration | Why Canada?
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Canada is second largest country in the world with extremely variable topography which includes mountains, prairie lands and world’s longest coastline. It abounds with varied, natural scenery and wildlife. Canada is a federation of ten Provinces and three Territories with Ottawa as the national capital.

Canada is home to about 35.5 million residents. One of every six Canadian residents was born outside the country. In 1971, Canada adopted a national policy of multiculturalism, which celebrates the country’s diversity. The various waves of migration to Canada over the course of its history have made the country a unique Mosaic of people hailing from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Staunch believer in the doctrine of equality of mankind with identical opportunities for all, Canada prides itself in encouraging all of its citizens to follow their own religions without any discrimination.

Immigration has helped in making Canada a culturally rich, prosperous and progressive nation. Immigration has been the most important factor in Canada’s population growth. Canada welcomes more than 250000 thousand permanent residents every year and approximately 160,000 people become naturalized Canadian citizen every year.
Canadian residents enjoy the quality of life comparable with the best in the world whether it is healthcare, retirement, low unemployment, humanitarian values, religious, cultural and economic freedom. Canada’s life expectancy is one of the highest in the world. Canadians enjoy one of the top notch education systems in the world having significant achievements in science. Furthermore, Canada leads the world when it comes to religious tolerance. Canada is unequivocally one of the world’s most socially progressive country and one of the best country in the world to live. Truly, Canada is the country where people dream to reside from all over the globe. So, it’s no wonder that it is consistently rated by the UN as one of the best country in world to live in.